PJS LAW: The Firm of Choice

We Nurture Relationships with Clients and Colleagues

PJS LAW is passionate about excellence and client care. We constantly assess our Firm and our Lawyers as we are driven by our belief that clarity in communication is crucial in fostering a mutually rewarding and successful relationship between the Firm and its clients, and among all PJS members.

The Firm's practice allows all the opportunity and the privilege to work with lawyers from leading international firms and prominent Philippine firms, executives and managers from multi-national companies, high-level officials from government agencies and various consultants, both local and foreign, representing various professional disciplines such as accounting, banking and finance, architecture, engineering, public policy reform and economics. These collaborative efforts have greatly enriched the Firm's experience in various fields of practice.

Whether acting as counsel for clients or as members of an advisory team, even with a diverse group of firms and individuals, PJS LAW has consistently maintained highly professional and mutually satisfactory working experience.

In PJS LAW legal service does not end in merely providing solutions or representation; we strive to nurture relationships.

We are Passionate and Committed

PJS LAW has a current complement of 35 lawyers and 30 full-time non-legal staff, all dedicated to providing quality legal service and excellent client care.

Our lawyers are diligently committed to continuous professional development in their chosen fields. The diversity in the backgrounds of our lawyers --- from government service, prominent Philippine law firms, leading private companies, the judiciary and the academe provides the Firm with a rich source of experience and legal competence to provide the quality of service our clients deserveWe embrace continuing legal education and professional development through graduate studies, seminars, workshops and individual research projects, and acknowledge that these efforts result in better client service and personal fulfillment.

At PJS LAW, our people are our best assets.

One Team. One Vision

But above all else --- more than merely being individuals accomplished in different areas of competence --- we are members of one Team.

This spirit of teamwork is illustrated by a "project-team" approach in handling client matters. Under the team approach, lawyers of varying but complementary experience and expertise are assigned to each client matter. This assures our clients of continuous availability, a cost-effective handling of their legal requirements and, most of all, a higher quality of work resulting from the synergy of combined intellectual resources and diversified practical experience which each of our lawyers brings to the project.

This approach extends not only to work which we are privileged to provide for our clients, but it also applies to work which has a considerable value to society at large. PJS LAW adheres to the principle that the law is a noble profession to which are attached certain responsibilities: to our clients, certainly, but equally important, to the legal profession and to society in general. To this end, the Firm devotes significant attention to pro bono work and academic advancements through research and participation in forums for the development of the legal profession and improvement of social conditions.

In any undertaking, be it for a client or otherwise, our lawyers and staff are united in the shared vision of providing quality of work and taking responsible action.