Labor and Employment

PJSLAW's Labor and Employment Practice is established in providing legal advice to clients on matters involving employer-employee relationships including issues on employment benefits, labor standards, termination of employment and union activities. The Firm has also successfully advised and assisted clients in meeting diverse economic conditions by designing creative employment structures, providing advice on reorganization of personnel, labor cost-cutting measures, and outsourcing of work functions. We also represent clients in labor cases involving claims of illegal termination and unpaid wages and benefits.

Our experience involves:

Business Process Outsourcing Support

PJSLAW has an impressive list of clients in the Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) industry. Services provided to these BPO companies range from labor standards advice to representation before labor tribunals on employment termination disputes. Noteworthy is the firm’s expertise in helping its BPO clients in the strict enforcement of personnel policies in relation to performance targets and indices set for BPO employees.

Service Industry/Subcontractors

In the service industry, PJSLAW has a varied array of clients which depend on the firm’s expertise in labor law. By the nature of their businesses, PJSLAW assists in the review of its clients’ manpower assignments and review of contracts that affect the salaries and benefits of client employees. The firm also represents these clients before labor tribunals on employment termination disputes and money claims.

Corporate Organization Restructuring/Downsizing

For its corporate clientele, the Firm has provided assistance in streamlining manpower requirements of its clients and in effectively enforcing downsizing policies. The work rendered by the Firm consists of review and analysis of all work functions of employees and identifying work positions that could be merged or absorbed to reduce manpower costs. The work also entails preparation of reports to the Department of Labor and Employment for authorized reduction of work force and representation before Labor Tribunals on any dispute on termination of employment.

Work Visa processing

For clients with expatriate officers and employees, the Firm also renders immigration advice and services. These services include processing of the appropriate visa for expatriates, renewal of visas, processing of Alien Employment Permits, and assisting clients and their expatriates in their reportorial requirements to the Bureau of Immigration and the Department of Labor and Employment.

Human Resources Support

The Firm provides support services to most of its clients for their general legal requirements related to Human Resources. The work includes review of employment contracts, rendering advice on the appropriate employment classification of employees, advice on minimum requirements of law on salaries and benefits of employees, assistance to clients in handling and documenting disciplinary action procedures for employees, advice on special laws affecting employees, representation before Labor Tribunals on employment disputes, and advice to clients on general labor law inquiries.

For your reference, we also highlight below our experience in handling internal investigations for multinational clients, particularly with regard to employment law issues:

    Internal Investigations
  • rendered advice to the Philippine practice as well as regional unit of a leading global audit and advisory fim on the company’s disclosure obligations to regulatory agencies for acts of fraud committed by high-level employees; handled fraud investigation and advised the client on labor law requirements for disciplinary action proceedings involving high-level employees.
  • rendered advice and participated in the administrative investigation and expulsion of a partner of the same client involved in breach of code of conduct and violation of client confidentiality commitments.
  • advised the Philipine subsidiary of one of the world’s largest bulk liquid and chemical shipping company on the grounds and procedures for the removal of high level employees including its President and CEO, project manager and chief accountant following a forensic investigation; facilitated and participated in the administrative investigation for this purpose; handled labor cases involving employees of the Philippine subsidiary.
  • advised the Philippine subsidiary of a leading global advertising agency based in the US on the grounds and procedures for the removal of a high level employee.
  • rendered assistance to the Philippine subsidiary of one of the largest US banks in the investigation and prosecution of criminal complaint against against its BPO employee for breach of confidentiality and fraudulent use of customer information.
  • assisted one of the largest US multinational banking and financial services corporation in preparing a comparative matrix of US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and local Philippine legislation on anti-graft and corrupt practices act.
  • regularly advise the Philippine subsidiary of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world based in the US on FCPA-related issues in relation to its Philippine operations.
  • handles labor advisory matters for a technology company based in the US, work includes employee investigations, organization re-structuring, compensation and benefits and representation in labor dispute; advised client on possible FCPA violation by local officers in relation to a government contract.