Over the years, the Firm's Litigation Group has gained considerable experience in representing clients in disputes in the fields of contract law, torts and damages, criminal law, real property law, commercial law, intellectual property law and family law. The Firm has represented its clients before civil/criminal courts and government administrative bodies such as the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, Securities and Exchange Commission, Court of Tax Appeals, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Energy Regulatory Commission, Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, Office of the President, Intellectual Property Office and other quasi-judicial agencies. PJSLAW has likewise been acted for clients in matters submitted for alternative dispute resolution. The Litigation Group also has a diverse appellate practice involving complex questions of law before the appellate courts, including the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Some members of the Group are likewise trained arbitrators and officers of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Centre, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit organization incorporated in 1996 out of the Arbitration Committee of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the use of arbitration as an alternative mode of settling commercial transaction disputes and providing dispute resolution services to the business community.

As a measure of its social commitment, the Group also devotes significant time to providing pro bono work.

Pioneering Representations

  • Served as counsel to the Electricity Market Operator for the approval of the Electricity Price Determination Methodology which paved the way for the commencement of operations of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market in the Philippines. The Firm also acted as counsel to the Market Operator for its regulatory filings with the Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Instituted and assisted in the prosecution of one of the first criminal complaints for "hacking" under the new Philippine E-commerce Law in behalf of local and international ISPs.

Representing Government and Industry Groups

  • Assisted the Republic of the Philippines in arbitration proceedings in a major international commercial arbitration case conducted under ICSID Convention, Regulation and Rules in Paris, France.

Rehabilitation and Insolvency Representation

  • Acting as counsel for a group of companies involved in the mining industry in their debtor-initiated petition for corporate rehabilitation, involving liabilities exposure of around US$433 Million and also as counsel for a Special Purpose Asset Vehicle client relative to its Php3.5 Billion loan exposure in the corporate rehabilitation case of a debtor company. Our work includes assisting in securing favorable decision from the court approving the client's rehabilitation plan.
  • Acted as counsel to a multi-national petroleum company regarding potential litigation and insolvency issues in relation to the winding up of a Philippine joint-venture project.

Acting for banking institutions

  • Currently acting for a Philippine private banking institution in cases involving land titling, ejectment proceedings, foreclosure of mortgages, annulment of sale, recovery of property, and other banking related disputes, with representations before the Supreme Court.
  • Assisting various Special Purpose Asset Vehicle clients in the servicing of non-performing loan portfolios acquired from banking institutions, including the Philippines' largest banking institutions, which involves all aspects of trial and appellate practice in debt recovery, including legal representation in corporate rehabilitation cases and foreclosure of mortgages, as well as resort to mediation and dispute resolution that has resulted in the amicable settlement of considerable loan amounts.

Civil, Administrative and Criminal Actions

  • Currently acting as counsel to a geothermal power company in relation to the eviction/ejectment of informal settlers in the project site covered by the company’s Geothermal Renewable Energy Service contract with the National Power Corporation.
  • Acting as external counsel to the largest multi-national cement manufacturer in the Philippines in the institution and prosecution of civil and criminal actions involving the accounts of its cement and aggregates dealer-clients.
  • Represents various corporate clients in tax litigation cases pending before the Philippine Court of Tax Appeals.
  • Acting as counsel for international and domestic corporate clients relative to their intellectual property concerns and in relation thereto, handles various intellectual property cases before the Intellectual Property Office and the Regional Trial Courts.
  • Acting as counsel for various intra-corporate suits involving shareholders, directors and officers of domestic corporations and rendered legal opinions and advices to clients in relation thereto.
  • Handles petitions for annulment of marriage under the Family Code, with issues involving custody of children, support, separation of marital property pending resolution of the case and final liquidation and dissolution of property regimes.

Social Responsibility

  • Acting as counsel pro bono in case pending before the Supreme Court, involving questions on due process and significant issues of law such as the death penalty and violation of rights of the accused.
  • With the Taxation Practice Group, provided legal advice and training on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to lawyers in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Head Office.