PJS Law goes to Japan

April 17, 2013

This year’s firm outing was held in Tokyo, Japan, a place that is consistently on everyone’s list of places to go to. With its mix of exciting contrasts, exploring the country was a task that the lawyers too willingly took on. Among the sights visited were the Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, Imperial Palace Nijyu-bashi Bridge, Asakusa Kannon Temple and Asakusa Shrine, every now and then coming across the ubiquitous cherry blossoms that lined Tokyo’s streets. The lawyers also sampled Japan’s famed bullet train or the shinkansen in going to Odawara and rode the Hakone Sky Gondola with panoramic views of the Hakone mountains. The highlight of the trip however, was getting an unbridled view of the snow-capped, usually shy Mt. Fuji from different points possible. Each day was concluded with a delicious meal; the unlimited shabu shabu of marbly Japanese beef and delectable pork was particularly memorable. Early risers were able to visit the famed Tsukiji market to satisfy their sashimi and sushi cravings and witness sumo-wrestlers train live in sumo stables. At night, the lawyers walked through the streets of Roponggi and Shibuya, trying to unravel what were behind these districts’ incandescent glow. Some even tried the fugu or blowfish, prepared only by licensed chefs. The ladies of PJS also went home satisfied, having scoured the stores in Ginza, Gotemba, and Odaiba among others.

The trip left everyone with a lot to ponder on about this city where divergence and uniformity, tradition and modernity, simplicity and self-expression thrive so seamlessly. Lawyers went home with a lesson or two from the quiet graciousness of Japan’s people, their efficiency, collective consciousness and action, their love for innovation and technology reflected in things both mundane and remarkable, their obedience to age-old customs and the pocket attempts to break away from them, evidenced by the fashion of the youth displayed in Shibuya and Harajuku. As always, the annual trip has inspired the PJS team to face the daily grind in Manila with renewed vigor and perspective.