PJS Law and ExcelCSI conduct briefing for Singapore FinTech Association delegation

Last August 10, 2023, PJS Law conducted a briefing for the delegation of Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) on doing business in the Philippines and particular fintech regulations in the Philippines. This effort is in line with PJS Law’s commitment to bridge connections between groups and institutions within and beyond the ASEAN Region and the Philippines. (https://pjslaw.com/)

Singapore Fintech Association is a cross-industry, non-profit initiative designed to facilitate collaborations between market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem.The delegation was in the country for a weeklong visit to meet with regulators, local banks, and Philippine Fintech associations.

Joining the PJS Law briefing was Atty Edan Canete Metoge Kogeh of Exceller Corporate Support Inc (Excel CSI). As a consultancy firm, ExcelCSI specializes in efficient and convenient solutions that make it easier for companies and businesses to comply with government requirements in order to operate smoothly and successfully. (Learn more at: https://excelcsi.com/)