As a young lawyer, choosing which firm to join is a crucial decision.

Ours is a growing firm with latitude for expanding your horizons. You will thrive in an environment that will stimulate, motivate and challenge you. You have the opportunity to engage in both traditional and progressive fields of practice that will help you a develop a more comprehensive working knowledge of the law. You will handle transactions that are not only novel and complex, but also transformative and rewarding.

Most of all, you will gain access to a mentoring system that ensures continuous guidance and support in your development as a lawyer, an individual, and a member of society.

We work as a team

PJS Law was built on a foundation of friendship and we have never lost sight of that. We continue to embody a shared culture of respect, trust, openness and camaraderie in the way we work together.

We have a strong collaborative spirit and apply this particularly in the way we serve our clients. Under the “project team approach”, each undertaking is assigned to a specialty unit composed of lawyers with varying but complementary experience and expertise. Not only does this assure our clients of increased availability and a more cost-effective way of handling legal requirements, they can also expect higher standards of productivity as a result of the combined intellectual and experiential resources each team member brings to the project.

We encourage continuing legal education and professional growth through graduate studies, seminars, workshops and individual research projects, and acknowledge that these efforts result in better client service and personal fulfillment.

Because people are our primary assets, we consider our staff and paralegals as valued and integral members of the PJS Law family. Everyone contributes to accomplishing our collective goals and are active participants in propelling the firm into being one of the best in the country and the entire region.

With us, you will be part of dynamic and passionate team that puts a premium on the synergy of diverse backgrounds, views, and opinions. We embrace change. And we welcome bright people with bright ideas that make change happen.

Fueled by a higher purpose

We adhere to the principle that being a lawyer is a noble profession and as such, it involves certain responsibilities towards our clients, to the legal profession and to society in general.

To this end, the firm devotes significant attention to pro bono work, as well as to academic advancements through active research and participation in forums directed towards enhancing the legal profession and improving social conditions.

Ready to make a difference?

We are interested in working with vibrant and forward-looking individuals who are eager to share and live out our core values of Competence, Integrity, Relationship, Commitment, and Leadership.

If you think PJS Law could be your new home, send us your application and transcript at [email protected] or deliver to: PJS Law Offices, 10F 8 Rockwell, Hidalgo corner Plaza Drives, Rockwell Center, Makati City 1200 Philippines.