With a multitude of available options in resolving disputes, PJSLaw takes pride in its incisive and innovative team of lawyers who are adept in both traditional and alternative approaches in conflict resolution, including domestic and international arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.

Aside from their professional experience, some members of the team are also qualified arbitrators and officers of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Centre, Inc.

Clients also get informed advise from experienced international commercial arbitration lawyers who have acted as counsel to parties before the ICC Arbitral Tribunals, with representation ranging from simple claim contractual breaches to complex cases involving claims of tortuous interference of business contracts, as well as commercial arbitration involving securities transactions.

Complemented by the synergy of working with teams dedicated to banking, finance and capital markets, energy, and intellectual property rights, our conflict resolution specialists have also acquired extensive operational knowledge over these key industry sectors.


  • The firm acted as counsel in a debtor-initiated petition for corporate rehabilitation involving liabilities of the Rapu-Rapu Mining Group of Companies in the amount of USD 433-Million, successfully leading client to an early exit from rehabilitation five years ahead of schedule.
  • We continue to act as counsel for various intra-corporate suits involving shareholders, directors, and officers of domestic corporations, rendering legal opinions and advice that result in the successful settlement of cases.
  • Our team was involved in the successful prosecution of debtor-initiated petitions for corporate rehabilitation of a major water utility company and a hotel, leading to the successful financial recovery of both companies.
  • We served as counsel to the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation for the approval of the Electricity Price Determination Methodology, which paved the way for the opening of the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. The firm also acts as counsel to the market operator for its regulatory filings with the Energy Regulatory Commission.